Correct Medication

Connected Systems

Efficiency Savings

Pharmacy-Xpress integrates its dispensing process with eMAR systems designed to reduce in medication errors and paperwork for staff whilst increasing management visibility, compliance and offering a method of simplified pharmacy communication. Other benefits of eMAR include:

Increased Visibility

  • Live Management – View of missed and taken medication allows potential errors to be isolated and dealt with quickly.
  • Pharmacy and other stakeholders can see medication info, including PRN medicines.

Better Resident Care

  • Correct medication is given to the right resident at the right time.
  • Person-centred administration preferences are easily visible for nurses and carers.

Reduced Errors

  • Scanning of medicines ensures correct medication is administered.
  • Automations with stock audits and medication reordering helps to reduce human errors.

Improved Compliance

  • Prove compliance to CQC with easy-to-access administration and medication storage records.
  • Single source of truth for audit records.

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