NHS Prescriptions Made Simple

App is linked directly to GP

Login using your NHS login in and the app links directly to your GP practice.

Order Your Medication via App

Select medication required and the app sends the request straight to your GP.

Set in App Reminders

App allows you to set reminders to take your medication as well as reorder it.

FREE Delivery Straight to your Door

Our experienced pharmacy team will process and check your medication then deliver it to you.

Add Multiple Users

Add family members and manage medications on their behalf.

How it Works

Tell us what you need…

View your repeat prescriptions and order them directly to your pharmacy.

…track your order…

Get real-time updates within the app as your GP receives your order.

…and delivered to your door!

We’ll send you a notification when your medication is on its way.

How to Get Started

Your data is secure and never shared with third parties

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an NHS login?

This can be created once the app is downloaded within the app itself. Just simply click on NHS login in and it will direct you to the NHS secure site to create an account.

How do I change my personal details on the app?

Within the app there is a section called ‘My Details’ where personal information can be updated. As the app validates your information via your GP surgery and NHS login the app will automatically alter any change in name or address if it has been updated with the GP or via NHS.

Can I use the app if I'm living in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales?

Our app is only currently available to patients who are registered at a GP in England.

What do I do if I have paper prescriptions?

We recommend that you use the app with a GP practice that is EPS-Enabled. However, if your GP practice is not EPS-Enabled please contact our team and we can discuss an alternative services we offer to ensure you receive your medication.

Can I request medication on behalf of a family member via the app?

With our app you can manage other family members medication by either creating them an account or adding them to your existing account. All you need is a registration letter from their GP asking them for access to that patients online services.

My prescription request states 'With GP' what does this mean?

Once you have selected which medication you would like to request this gets sent straight to your GP practice via the app. The GP will then review your medication and issue a prescription, with most GP surgeries they ask that you allow 48 hours for them to issue a prescription. If it has been longer than 48 hours you may need to contact your GP or your pharmacy team who will inform you of why there could be a delay. The status will change once your pharmacy receives the prescription.

It won't let me request my listed medication I need via the app?

This could be if that medication needs reviewing by your GP or if it is not a repeatable item. If this is the case, it is best to contact your GP to book an appointment to review your medication so you can continue to order it via the app.

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