Download the Pharmacy-Xpress Prescription Ordering App

Kickstart your journey to seamless medication management by downloading the Charac Prescription Ordering App. Available on both IOS and Android, this tool is your first step in taking control of your medication ordering.

Benefits of the Prescription Ordering App

Our app isn’t just convenient—it offers several advantages. With direct links to your GP and the NHS, you can review what your GP has issued and place your orders yourself for prompt delivery.

Do you need your medicines in a Blister Pack

We offer a Free Blister pack service for eligible patients. Once you have downloaded the app and registered with Pharmacy-Xpress please contact a member of the team who will help to get you or your family member on-boarded.

Placing Your Order

Once you have the app, it’s time to place your order. Monthly reordering is necessary to ensure you receive all the required items. This system also prevents medicine waste and helps conserve valuable NHS resources.

Fetching Your Prescriptions

After you’ve requested your medication, your GP will approve your order using the NHS electronic prescription system. The prescriptions are then sent via this system to your chosen pharmacy, in this case, Pharmacy-Xpress.

Checking Your Order Status

Curious about your order’s progress? You can check its status right from your app. If the order was placed within the last five days, you’ll see whether your GP has authorised your request. For orders over five days, log into your online account and check under ‘Recent Orders’. If your request has yet to be approved, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your GP surgery.

How do I get an NHS login?

This can be created once the app is downloaded within the app itself. Just simply click on NHS login in and it will direct you to the NHS secure site to create an account.

Can I use the app if I'm living in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales?

Our app is only currently available to patients who are registered at a GP in England.

Can I request medication on behalf of a family member via the app?

With our app you can manage other family members medication by either creating them an account or adding them to your existing account.

Delivery of your medication

This is completely free. You will be kept notified via notifications within the app but will aim to have the medication delivered within 28 hours of receiving your prescription (click here for more information – and link to ‘Delivery and Returns Page’