Our Services

Pharmacy-Xpress specialise in providing pharmacy services to Care Homes and Nursing Homes. Since opening our first branch in 2010, our aim has always been the same ‘to provide a high quality medication management service with a personal touch’. This gives our customers a fast, safe and efficient service allowing them the time to concentrate on parts of their care home business.

Monitored Dosage Systems (MDS)

We can supply medication packaged in various types of medication systems tailored to your needs i.e Biodose, Nomad or rack systems. 


The main system we use is the Biodose system.  Click here to view the 'Biodose User's Manual'

Further information regarding the Biodose system can be found by clicking here

If you have identified another Medication System that you would like us to provide your medication in, whilst having the benefits of our great service, please contact one of our team. We will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Delivery of Medication

All medicines are delivered using our team of in-house delivery drivers, so you can rest assured that all medication will be delivered quickly, safely and on time.