Biodose is at the forefront of medication management, utilising 28-pod trays and bespoke patient packs with individual seals on each pod for maximum safety.

Tailoring each patient pack to suit a patient’s needs is a revolution in medication management, ensuring that prescriptions are never mixed up or tampered with.

Delivering Biodose medication to the care home sector, Pharmacy X-press utilises Biodose’s Total Medical Management System, a super efficient method to monitor liquid and solid oral medication simultaneously.

The great thing about investing in the Biodose method of medication management is that you can provide your residents with the confidence they need in taking their medication.

How it works

Virtual dispensing: Biodose uses a system which ‘virtually fills’ Biodose trays based on each individual’s prescription, creating bespoke trays, MAR and PIC sheets tailored to your patient’s needs.

Prescription to pod: Each tray of Biodose pods is then filled with the liquid and oral solid medication each patient requires at their prescribed time. Trays are then double checked by a pharmacist to ensure exactly the right medication and dosage.

Sealed and delivered: Each tray is then securely sealed, ensuring all tablets, capsules and liquids are safe for delivery.

Check in: On arriving at the care home all Biodose trays are checked in and placed in trolleys or cabinets for distribution.

Distribution: Each tray is designed with an image of the prescribed patient to make the drug round easier; simply administer the corresponding pod from the weekly or monthly tray to the patient.

Final Checks: During the distribution process, medication is cross checked with the resident’s MAR sheet, ensuring another safety parameter is checked before opening the pod.

Administering medication: As each pod is pre-portioned in accordance with the patient’s prescription, administering each pod is made easy, without having to measure liquids or handle multiple pill boxes or blister packs.