The BeMAR system compliments the Biodose system by utilising electronic devices such as an iPad and scanner and does away with older paper based methods of medication management, giving your patients and staff further confidence in the distribution of tablets and liquid medication.

By scanning medication and entering information into the iPad in real time, the BeMAR system does not make room for mistakes, delivering the most accurate medication management system that can produce a multitude of reports such as the exact times drugs have been administered to patients.

Utilising the BeMAR system is the safest and most accurate form of drug distribution for care homes as every action taken in terms of prescription distribution is recorded through the BeMAR system.

With each action recorded, management can record the performance of staff and make improvements in the areas needed, ensuring any problems can be rectified immediately making for a more efficient distribution process.

How it works

Login: Using the Bluetooth scanner, iPad tablet and unique ID staff ID card, users login to the system by scanning their ID card and entering their password into the iPad system.

Check in: Now the carer is logged in, all actions are then tracked and the member of staff can begin checking in the Biodose trays into the system.

Each tray has a unique barcode which is then scanned with the Bluetooth scanner. The carer is then asked to confirm the patient and can then cross check the physical with three different views of the virtual tray before checking in the tray.

Dispensing process: With the trays loaded into the trolley, the user then scans the tray before distribution to reveal an identical tray on the tablet which tells the carer which pods need to be distributed at that time. Pods are then crosschecked on the tablet using the different views and the highlighted pods are administered to the patient.

Finishing up: On confirming which pod is required for the patient, the pod is then taken from the tray and scanned using the Bluetooth scanner. With the pod then registered in the system, the user can then select whether the medication has been accepted or declined by the patient. If the patient refuses the medication, the user can then insert a reason for the refusal to further manage the medication.

Benefits of the BeMAR System

Transferring the old paper based methods to a digital format may be a daunting process for some care homes but the BeMAR system maintains all the same information found on the pill boxes and blister packs to ensure all warnings and dosage instructions are visible on the tablet for each pod.

At the forefront of safety and efficiency, the BeMAR system also allows the carer to write notes on each patient in order to keep track of their health, providing maximum communication between each carer; if the patient is feeling unwell in the morning, a note can be added to inform the next carer of the patient’s wellbeing.

Also, by using a photo system, the BeMAR system can be updated in real time by taking a picture of the patient using the iPad’s camera, making sure all information is always up to date.

After the carer has logged out, all of the information is then stored on the system and can be returned to at any time to revise a patient’s condition or medication via the BeMAR database.