Q: Which areas can Pharmacy-Xpress supply medicines to?

A: We currently have dispensing branches in Birmingham and Shrewsbury. We service all regions between these sites and beyond. If you are unsure if this includes you, simply call us and find out.

Q: If a patient is to go out for the day, do they need to take the whole Biodose tray?

A: No. Pharmacy-Xpress supply all care homes with Handy-Pak’s (see image below). The pods for the period they are away can be removed from the tray and placed securely in the Handy-Pak.

Q: What happens if there are any changes to a patients’ medication mid-cycle?

A: If medication is discontinued, we would pick up the medication trays, make the necessary amendments and return the trays in the shortest time possible. If medication is added we would deliver this on the same day with an accompanying MAR sheet, provided the medication is in stock.

Q: How do we send our prescriptions to Pharmacy-Xpress?

A: We can receive prescriptions in a number of ways; our drivers are always happy to collect them from the GP surgery or from your care home, by fax or by email. Our branches are fully ETP compliant which means we can also access them directly from the GP surgery via the Electronic Prescription Service.

Q: How do we store the medication trays and do you supply the necessary equipment?

A: Every home has specific storage needs this may be in the form of trolley, cabinets, fridges etc. Keeping this in mind, we will ensure that whatever your needs, all equipment will be supplied to your home before we deliver your first cycle of medication. We generally provide this equipment free of charge.

Q: What type of training do you provide?

A: There are two types of training we provide; the first includes on site training for use of the medication system and MAR sheets we supply. The second is the ‘Medicines in the Care Home Training’ pack that we have developed. This is a training course for Care Home staff to allow the basic understanding of medicines and their administration. A assessment tool upon completion of the course will provide a certificate to confirm that the staff are fully trained to administer medication to you clients. Both types of training are provided free to all Homes to which we supply medication.

Q: Do you carry out Medication Audits?

A: Yes. Again they are free to all our customers and generally carried out by a pharmacist every 12 months.

Q: How soon before the start of the medication cycle will you supply our medication?

A: That is up to your requirements, but normally seven days before the start of the cycle.

Q: How is unused medication disposed of?

A: This varies depending what type of Care Home you are:

For Care Homes that offer Residential Care: We will supply a disposal bin in which any unused medication can be place. The remaining trays are fully recyclable, however, contain confidential patient information. This can be destroyed as per your care home policies, or we can provide information on best practice guidleines.

For Care Homes that offer Nursing Care: You home will have a contract to dispose of clinical/ Pharmaceutical waste. The process is the same as above, however, your contractor will remove the unused medication.

If you require answers to any other questions you may have, either about our service or the medication system we supply please feel free to contact us.